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We also ask that you review our
School Policies
before registering.


Students are expected to read and understand and abide by school policies.

  •  Students attending Summit School are expected to behave in a responsible manner with due consideration for the setting, other students, the instructors and the facilities.


  •  Damage done to any property will be the responsibility of the student/students involved.


  •  Each student is responsible to be punctual for each days session. If a student cannot attend, instructors must be notified. Days missed by students will only be made up at the instructors discretion.


  •  Non-prescription drugs are not permitted on any school property. Alcohol is not permitted during school hours. Students will be dismissed for the day if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  These missed days will not be made up.


  •  Smoking is permitted outside in designated areas only.


  •  Students are responsible for keeping their housing clean.


  •  Housing will be checked for maintenance on a regular basis.


  •  Students are responsible for putting garbage and recycling out for weekly pickup.


  •  Students are responsible for their own laundry.


  •  Overnight guests are not permitted.  Alternate arrangements must be made for visitors.


  •  Pets are not permitted in the student housing at any time.


  •  Light and heat are to be turned down or off when not in use or leaving the premises, please!


  •  In the shop, the use of power tools is not permitted when instructors are not present.


  •  Students are responsible for cleaning their workspace at the end of each day.


  •  Tools must be treated with care and respect.


  •  School hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

School Closures:
The school is closed on the following statutory holidays:

  •    New Years Day

  •    Good Friday

  •    Easter Monday

  •    Victoria Day

  •    Canada Day

  •    Civic Holiday

  •    Labour Day

  •    Thanksgiving Day (Canadian)

  •    Remembrance Day

  •    Christmas Break


We offer housing to students attending our school. Students wishing to take advantage of this must comply with all house policies. Students in noncompliance will be responsible to find their own housing for the duration of their training. Students are expected to read and be familiar with house policies.

Housing is furnished; each student has their own bedroom and share a kitchen, living room and bathroom


   Books are provided and the cost is included in the school fee.

Dismissal Policy:

At our school we expect students to meet and adhere to a code of conduct while completing a program of study. The list below outlines the code of conduct that all students are expected to follow:

   •   attend class in accordance with attendance policy
   •   treat all students and staff with respect
   •   refrain from disruptive or offensive behavior
   •   treat school property with respect
   •   refrain from bringing weapons of any kind to school
   •   refrain from use of alcohol and non prescription drugs during class hours

Any of the following, if substantiated, will result in immediate dismissal without warning letter or probationary period:

   •   non - payment
   •   vandalism or school property
   •   theft
   • significant disrespect of the school's rules of conduct and policies
   • sexual or physical assault or other violent  acts committed on or off school property against any student
   • verbal abuse or threats

Dispute Resolution Policy:

Students are encouraged to address their concerns with the party(s) involved. If the situation cannot be resolved then the following applies:

Written submissions from all parties concerned will be requested, the complaint will be reviewed and necessary investigation will be conducted. A written decision outlining the justification for the decision will be provided to all submitting parties. If the dispute remains unresolved, an unrelated third party mediator will be brought in to arbitrate between all parties. The mediator's decision will be regarded as final and binding to all parties concerned.

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