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Sigmund Johannessen

A Norwegian who immigrated to Canada, Sigmund worked as a repair technician in Norway from 1984 -- 1994.  Sigmund is a self taught Luthier whose  dedication and passion for building led him to join Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair in 1994 as an owner and instructor. Now owner and instructor of SJ Guitars and Luthiery Training.

Besides teaching he builds custom guitars , specializing in hand – carved Arch tops.

Mike Jarvis

A veteran in the field of guitar repairs.  Mike trained as a Repairman in the mid 1970’s and from there went on to work for Fender Musical Instruments. He opened his own repair shop in the early 1980s.  Mike has taught in Sweden and at the Atlanta Institute of Music as well as opening repair departments for Music and Recording Superstores (MARS).

Mike will continue to teach Repair Workshops and one - two week courses.

Mike is also the owner of Summit Recording Solutions.


Ron 'Obvious' Vermeulen - Studio Engineer / Instructor

Ron has been involved in the recording industry since 1976. Having an electronic technical background, he started at Little Mountain Sound Studios. Ron was involved in engineering some of the early 'Alternative' music in Vancouver, and used the name 'Ron Obvious' for all his recording engineer projects. He developed a deep interest in studio design, and went on to design a number of world famous studios for various clients and schools. Ron has also mentored many assistant engineers at various studios to world class reputations. Teaching interested individuals in audio production is a passion that he has followed throughout his career.

additional information can be found on his Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Obvious[link:1] [/link:1]

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