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Price of course $3,800.00
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--- Housing, Materials and Supplies included in Fee ---

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to work in the following areas: Sound Engineer, Monitor Technician, Stage Manager and Tour Manager.

This One Month Course starts with the basics of soldering, electronics and troubleshooting, and leads into the fundamentals of processing equipment, sound effects, microphone techniques and full sound reinforcement systems.

Other professional and commercial applications will be covered. There will be plenty of hands on live production as well as in - class instruction.

The course includes both theory and practical applications.

Students learn about the equipment used, how it works, how it is made, and the real-world application of each piece of equipment.


For information on the Live Sound course, please contact:

Lorraine Gentry
Toll Free: 1-877-878-7464, or
Telephone: 1-250-757-9906


or use our online Request for Information or Registration forms

The LIVE SOUND course covers these aspects of
professional live sound reinforcement:


   Learning how a speaker works
   Re-coning Speakers
   Speaker Modification
   Speaker Phasing
   Acoustical measurement of Loudspeakers with Professional sound measurement system (Computer)
   Electrical measurement of Loudspeakers with Professional sound measurement system (Computer)
   Thiele / Small Parameters: what they mean and their importance to cabinet design

Speaker Cabinets:

   Understanding the difference between a sub woofer and a mid/high cabinet
   Modifying speaker cabinets
   Learning about different speaker cabinet designs
   Cabinet Resonation and Cabinet Materials
Mixing Consoles and FOH FX & Processing:

   Learning what a compressor is, what it does and where to use it
   Learning what a Noise Gate is, what it does and where to use it
   Learning what effects are, what they do and where to use them
   Learning what Graphic and Parametric equalizer do and how to use them
   How to wire up a FOH with mixing console and effects rack
   How a mixing console works - Equalizer, Auxiliary as sends for effects and for monitors
   How to make cables - insert, Microphone, instrument, Multi Pin Cable and Breakouts
   Understanding cable polarity
   Hands on experience mixing FOH in a live situation under the supervision of a professional sound engineer

PA Systems:

   How to measure in a 3way PA System with a Professional measurement system and a digital processor
   How to wire a 3 way PA System with Sub Woofers and Mid/High Cabinets
   The importance of cabinet placement and cabinet phasing
   The difference between digital and analog crossovers and processing
   Learn how to make a multi pin multi core
   Learn the difference between a multi core and a return multi core and their purpose
   What does 2 way and 3 way mean
   Wiring a small PA System
   Wiring a big PA System     

Monitor Systems Big and Small:

   Learn what monitors do
   Learn how to use and make a splitter multi core for a FOH & multi mix Monitor System
   Learn how to use a monitor console - Equalizers and Monitor Sends
   Wiring a monitor console with Equalizers, power amps and monitors
   Hands on experience mixing monitors in a live situation under the supervision of a professional sound engineer


Wiring a stage with and with out monitor system
Wiring the microphones to the multi core
Microphone placement for the least amount of leakage


Microphones and what they do
Microphone placement
Microphone Characteristics
Explain about microphones and frequency response of instruments
Learning the difference between condenser and dynamic microphones
Learning the difference between Vocal and Instrument Microphones


Learning about all the cables that it takes to wire a complete PA and Monitors system
Explain the Purpose of all of them
How to make them
Explain the different Connectors and there purpose
Explain the difference between speaker cable and signal cable and their proper usage

Job Descriptions:

Front Of House Sound Engineer
Monitor Sound Engineer
System Technician
Monitor Technician
Stage Manager
Cable Technician
Tour Manager

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