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Frequently asked questions:
Q: Do you have financial aid available?
A: No, we offer a monthly payment plan. Education loans are available through banks and RESP’s can be used for training

Q: Can we do a tour of the school?
A: Yes, please contact the administration office to set up an appointment

Q: What is the difference between the courses?

A: The longer the course the more options a student has

Q: What can I do after my training?

A: Open your own repair shop, Go into building guitars, work in music stores, Wholesale music, Music manufacturers, Teching, Touring , the possibilities are endless.

Q: What if I sign up for a short term course and decide to extend my training,
Can I do that?

A: Yes we hold three spots for students wishing to extend their training period

Q: Can I break my training up into segments?

A: Yes a student can work out a schedule with the administrator.  

Q: How does the housing work and how many students per housing

A: We offer housing to students attending our school.  4 bedroom, two bedroom, and individual rooms are what we have for accommodations.
Housing is furnished; each student has their own bedroom and share a kitchen, living room and bathroom.

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