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CNC Luthiery Course

Four Week - $5300.00

Eight Week - $9,600.00

Major areas of study include:

  • drafting guitars using Rhino 3D CAD modelling software

  • using SprutCAM software to generate G-code cutting programs from 3D models

  • cutting guitar body & neck pieces on our CNC router using Mach3 CNC controller software

  • sanding & finishing

  • wiring, electronics & pickup making

  • assembly, setups & repairs

  • design principles for creating original instruments

CNC wood routers have been used by larger companies throughout the instrument making industry for many decades.

Training and hands-on experience in their use is an important asset for students looking for employment in the field. More recently the cost of high quality CNC machines has continued to fall and there are now a wide range of machines affordable to smaller shops and individual luthiers. The very high accuracy and repeatability of CNC tools offers practical alternatives or supplements to traditional jig-guided power tools and hand tools.

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